Best practices in responding to GBV

MRA is currently working with local NGOs across the country to strengthen local systems to respond to gender-based violence in Morocco. This project builds on the recent entry into force of Law 103-13 on the Elimination of Violence against Women in Morocco and ongoing decentralization efforts to facilitate and support collaborative and coordinated action by local authorities and NGOs at the grassroots level to establish, monitor and assess mechanisms to respond to gender-based violence.

Over a two-year period, we are working with local NGOs to monitor and document the State response to gender-based violence cases, and to use the data generated to advocate for concrete reforms to laws, policies and procedures. We are training local NGOs on how to compile data and evaluate the State’s response to gender-based violence in their local communities. We will also work with NGOs to synthesize and present information and data in reports, and use this data to identify systemic problems and best practices.

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