Technology-facilitated GBV

MRA is currently conducting action research on the emerging issue of technology-facilitated violence against women (TFGBV) in Morocco.   We use a broad definition that encompasses a wide range of harassment, control and violence via mobile phones, social media, the Internet and other information and communications technologies.

There is currently a lack of research and programs addressing TFGBV in Morocco among State actors and local NGOs.  However, recent legislative reforms in Law 103-13 on the Elimination of Violence against Women in Morocco have criminalized certain forms of TFGBV. This project seizes this opportunity and fills current information gaps by collaborating with seven local NGO partners across the country to conduct multifaceted action research comprised of intensive interviews, focus group discussions, and an online survey.  Participants in the research include women, State actors, and IT and communication professionals.

This TFGBV action research examines the forms, prevalence, impacts and current response of State and private actors. By producing a knowledge base on TFGBV in Morocco, this project aims to improve laws, procedures and services to promote a better response to such violence.

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