State response to sexual violence

MRA is currently working with local NGOs across the country to monitor the health care, law enforcement and justice systems to promote best practices in the State response to sexual violence against women (SVAW).

In Morocco, despite the prevalence of SVAW , very few women report it to the authorities. The current State response to SVAW is inadequate and deficient, and the recent Law 103-13 on the Elimination of Violence against Women in Morocco does not adequately address the issue of sexual violence. There are few studies, official or otherwise, on the State response to such violence.

During this three-year initiative, we are collecting, organizing and analyzing information and data gathered through monitoring protocols, interviews and group discussions with women and State actors, case file reviews, and an online survey.

This action research will allow us to:

  • Assess the current State response to sexual violence cases and identify trends and systemic issues;
  • Implement improvements at the community level, based on best practices, in the health sector, law enforcement and justice system responses to cases of sexual violence;
  • Make concrete recommendations for comprehensive, effective and rights-based reforms to laws, policies and practices relating to sexual violence against women.

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