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About MRA

MRA, Mobilising for Rights Associates, is an international non-profit women’s rights organization with operations based out of our Rabat office and currently working in Morocco, Tunisia and Libya. MRA (“woman” in Arabic) collaborates with local women’s rights activists and associations to contribute to changes in laws, structures, relationships and cultural norms to promote women’s full enjoyment of their human rights.

We engage with our partners at different levels, working for grassroots micro-level changes in behaviors and practices to support our activism for macro level reform initiatives. Our multidimensional strategies are designed for various layers of sustainable progress for women. We particularly prioritize the development and widespread distribution of practical tools and resources in Arabic for accessibility and use by local activists in countries across the region.

Our multifaceted women’s rights programs include popular human rights education, legal accompaniment, monitoring and documentation, action-research, strategic cause-lawyering national law reform, and international advocacy. Our partners are primarily youth-led NGOs and lawyers located in decentralized areas outside of traditional capitals, working in underserved communities including shantytowns, rural villages and popular urban neighborhoods, with both Arabic and Amazigh speaking communities.
As we strengthen partner’s skills and knowledge to implement comprehensive women’s rights programs, we also pay close attention to ensure that we foster alternative models of relationships and strategies that don’t reproduce existing power dynamics. We seek to cultivate transformational practices in our movements for women’s rights, in our ways of operating and behaving in our work and in the methods we build with our partner NGOs.

This involves more inclusive and egalitarian forms of decision-making; strengthening direct and active grassroots level participation; distributing opportunities and resources equitably; horizontalizing the women’s movement by age and socio-economic status and decentralizing it geographically; encouraging self-reliant, sustainable communities for women’s rights; and creating a culture of sharing of experiences, knowledge, and tools.

MRA is legally registered in Le Mans, France under the Law of Associations of 1901. Our associates have worked together as a team for over 17 years to promote women’s legal and human rights in collaboration with local NGOs in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, India, Malaysia, Yemen, Jordan, and Iraq. Our multinational team and Advisory Board consists of Moroccan, European, and American activists, lawyers, professors and non-profit specialists working on human and women’s rights.

Our deliberately small size allows us to focus on the quality of our programs and relationships. By taking an artisanal approach to our work, we are able to be creative, innovative, flexible, and responsive to partner NGO needs. We place a priority on operationalizing our values in our daily practices through a non-hierarchical structure, decision-making by consensus, and equitable financial practices. Our minimal institutionalization ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.